Every Small Problem, Whether Its A Small Gasket That Needs To Be Changed Or A Toilet Tank That Needs To Be Rebuilt, Can Become A Big Problem, Derkach Says.

Not all of these issues will be visible right away. Many times, you wont know theres a problem until you get your water bill. Naz Derkach of Public Plumbing in Toronto says a running toilet can end up costing you an extra $300 a month. And thats a contained problem. It doesnt include damage caused by water that leaks onto your floors or inside your walls and ceiling. Every small problem, whether its a small gasket that needs to be changed or a toilet tank that needs to be rebuilt, can become a big problem, Derkach says. Running toilet. If youve ever lain awake at night listening to your toilet endlessly filling up, then you know what a running toilet is. But not all leaky toilets make noise.

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